A Service-First Custom Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

For more than 30 years, R&D Plastics has provided a wide range of plastic parts manufacturing methods as well as assembly, part decorating, and secondary operations. Our service-oriented plastic manufacturing team will work closely with you to provide solutions, assist you with parts design and material selection, and recommend methods to manufacture your parts. From prototypes to low- and high-volume production, R&D’s service, quality, and flexibility will meet your custom plastic manufacturing requirements.

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Our Services

R&D Plastics, located in Flat Rock, NC, specializes in cost-effective molding solutions for small- to medium-volume requirements. We’re able to accommodate high-quality standards with precise tolerances that use commodity or engineered/exotic material. We also offer valuable add-on services to help get your product to market faster. Our guaranteed customer satisfaction means you don’t have to worry about the quality of your end product. 

In order to better serve you we have just completed a move into a 35,000 square foot building, doubling our space and available opportunities for assembly.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding

With capacity ranging from 25 to 1300 tons, our equipment can produce materials for electronics, construction, lighting, ballistics, consumer packaging, waste and recycling, and more.

Value-added Assembly Services

Get your products to market faster and more economically with value-added assembly services including kit assembly, accessory assembly, retail packaging, and labeling and finishing.

Unparalleled Customer Service

It's simple: Our customers come first. When you trust R&D Plastics with your project, we ensure the end product always meets your specifications, schedules, expectations, and costs.

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Why Choose R&D Plastics?

Conveniently Located

Strategically located in Flat Rock, North Carolina, our location provides easy access and transport to facilities within the continental United States and around the world.

Consistent Quality

Every production run, large or small, is carried out with the same attention to detail. Our efficiency, experience, and dependability ensure quality results.

On-time Delivery

R&D’s machine capacity and diverse plastics material inventory allows for a five-day lead time capability. Depending on your shipping needs, we utilize the world's most-trusted carriers to accommodate your timeline: LTL, FedEx, and UPS.